Before starting

How do I generate the token for authentication?

To use Maplink’s APIs, you need to generate a bearer tokenfrom your unique credentials.

Each bearer token lasts 60 minutes and can be used by any API. After this interval you will need to generate a new token.

Below is an example of the unique credentials that must be used in a body when generating the bearer token:

client_id: 0wf*************************eqFG
client_secret: 1b***********owE

With the client_id and client_secret, use the following endpoint with the POST method to obtain the bearer token:

Request example

curl -X POST "" -H

"Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" --data-urlencode "client_id=0wf*************************eqFG" --data-urlencode "client_secret=1b***********owE"

Response example

The “access_token” : “XBlgpdua80eonaU7FmRjhRsjMe3c” is the one that should be used to authenticate requests from the other APIs for 60 minutes.

    "refresh_token_expires_in": "0",
    "api_product_list": "[Matrix, Restriction Zone, Trip, Planning, Toll, Place, Geocode, Toll Search]",
    "api_product_list_json": [
        "Geocode"    ],
    "organization_name": "lbslocal",
    "": "[email protected]",
    "token_type": "BearerToken",
    "issued_at": "1620249207151",
    "client_id": "0wf*************************eqFG",
    "access_token": "XBlgpdua80eonaU7FmRjhRsjMe3c",
    "application_name": "49136471-81b0-4f23-bfff-980f0337f01e",
    "scope": "",
    "expires_in": "3599",
    "refresh_count": "0",
    "status": "approved"