Before starting


The Maplink Platform is a set of APIs for managing the movement of people and goods, optimizing distance, time and resources, taking into account multiple restrictions and business rules.

Below is a brief description of each API available on the Maplink Platform:


Get the best possible planning for a logistics problem , taking into account your business rules and customer time windows.


The Trip API is a Restful API capable of calculating the best route between locations, supporting up to 200 stopping points.


Get up-to-date toll calculations for your route.

Toll for Maps

Get updated toll calculations for routes generated by Google’s Directions API.

Distance Matrix

Get distance, time and average speed information for an array of origins and destinations.

Geocode Autocomplete

The Geocode API is able to return coordinates (latitude and longitude) from an address or vice versa.

Restriction Zone

Create restricted areas where routes should not pass.


Get the minimum freight calculation for your route, taking into account up-to-date legislation.

Map Display

The Map Display API allows you to visualize the results of APIS on a map.


Calculate the carbon footprint of your routes.


The Tracking API allows you to create tracking pages so that the end customer can follow the order.

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