The Planning API is a RESTful API used to return the best possible planning for a logistics problem. It will sequence the operations and distribute them among the vehicles, taking into account the time windows of each location, vehicle availability, labor rules and other business rules specified in the request.

Used for multiple vehicle routing problem (VRP) and traveling salesman problem (TSP) scenarios.

With the Planning API you can:

  • Solve logistical problems with up to 200 operations;
  • Define the type of vehicle and its weight and volume capacity;
  • Choosing the driver’s place of departure and return, as well as the start and end times;
  • Define labor rules such as rest times, continuous driving and working time;
  • Logistical planning for one day or multiple days;
  • Define logistics rules such as loading and unloading times;
  • Configure the time window for deliveries;
  • Pre-allocate a vehicle for certain operations;
  • Define products and packages to be separated by vehicle type;
  • Define logistics zones to associate vehicle service areas and operations;
  • Choose whether to plan the fastest route or the one with the lowest mileage;
  • Define restricted zones where the vehicle must not pass.