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Error messages – Distance Matrix

The following table shows all the error messages that can be returned by the API in the response body:

Error codeMessageDescription
VALIDATION_FAILED or VALIDATION_ERROR{ message: "", errors: [ ] }Simple validation errors, the array errors contains the detailed message for each field containing an invalid value (example: "tripProfile is mandatory" indicates that this field is mandatory but has not been entered)
MESSAGE_FORMAT_ERRORThe request json has errors and could not be processed
PROFILE_NOT_FOUNDError checking trip profile with name {tripProfileName}The tripProfile with the specified name does not exist.
PROBLEM_NOT_FOUNDThe problem with the specified id was not found.
SOLUTION_NOT_FOUNDThe solution with the specified id was not found.
INVALID_SITE_POSITIONSome sites have not been positionnedSome of the sites have coordinates that could not be connected to a nearby road.
NO_PROJECTIONNo projection retrieved to send to route plannerSimilar to the error INVALID_SITE_POSITION, it has the same root cause, but can also occur occasionally when one of the internal services is unavailable
EMPTY_RESTRICTION_ZONEThe name of restriction zones are invalid or the calculation of blocked arcs was not completed yet.One or more restriction zones reported do not exist (or have just been registered and have not yet been processed)
NO_COORDINATESNo coordinates found for arcs in mapSome of the points were passed without coordinates, or with incomplete coordinates
INVALID_CALLBACK_URL_FORMAT{callbackValue} does not have a valid value. Example of allowed values: http://www.foo.br, https://www.foo.br...Callback URL entered does not have a valid format
INVALID_SOLUTIONThere is no Problem with that idThe problem with the specified id was not found.
ax.rp.errXXXProblems with the route planner. XXX is the numerical error code.
ax.rp.err113Not possible to create route between site A and BThe route planner has not found a route from point A to point B. Example case: Point A is a one-way dead-end road
Unexpected character (' ' (code 160))Invalid json format errorSome invalid character or different from the API data model.
Table of possible error messages returned by the API