The Trip API is a Restful API capable of calculating the best route between locations taking into account logistical rules, such as: vehicle specification, road speed preference, restricted areas, among others. The API returns detailed information on the duration, distance and tolls for each section of the route.

With Trip API you can:

  • Run routes with up to 200 stops;
  • Choose between the fastest route or the one with the lowest mileage;
  • Divert your route away from tunnels, ferries or toll roads;
  • Define restriction zones where the vehicle must not pass;
  • Integrate with other Maplink services to obtain toll values, points of interest or freight calculations;
  • Get detailed information on each section of the route:
    • Coordinates (latitude/longitude);
    • Total distance;
    • Estimated time;
    • Average speed;
  • Tolls;
  • Points of interest;
  • States and municipalities.