List of parameters

The following parameters are required:

  • legs – Array de objetos onde cada objeto representa um trecho da rota (obrigatório apenas para o endpoint independente). Cada objeto presente em legs irá conter os seguintes parâmetros:
    • points – Coordinates that make up the section of the route. The points parameter accepts coordinates as objects, arrays, encoded in geohash or encoded as polyline , as shown in the examples below.
  • bufferRouteInMeters – Integer with the search radius of points of interest along the route. Limit of 500 meters.
  • bufferStoppingPointsInMeters – Integer with the search radius for points of interest at the stops. Limit of 500 meters.
  • onlyMyPlaces – Boolean value that indicates whether only establishments from your own base will be returned or whether the service’s native base should also be used.
  • categories – Array with the categories of the desired establishments.
  • subCategories – (Optional) Array with the subcategories of the desired establishments.

Note: To consult the categories and subcategories available for consultation and registration, simply make a request to the following endpoints (GET method): https: //api.maplink.global/place/v1/places/category and https://api.maplink.global/place/v1/places/subcategory.

Accepted coordinate formats

The following formats are supported as input for the coordinates in the parameter points:

Object – Objects composed of the parameters latitude and longitude:

"points": [
		"latitude": -19.50489,
		"longitude": -57.43231 

Array – Arrays containing latitude and longitude respectively:

"points": [

Geohash – Strings with latitude and longitude encoded in geohash:

"points": [

Polyline – String with all the route coordinates coded as polyline:

"points": "pp`vB|fp}IlAFhCI"