List of parameters

Mandatory parameters

  • operationType – Array to indicate which Operation Table will be considered for calculating freight. Allowed values: [A, B, C, D];
  • goodsType Array to indicate which products will be transported. Allowed values:
  • axis – Array to enter the number of axes. Allowed values: [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9];
  • distance – Integer with the distance traveled on the route (in km);
  • date – Date format AAAA-MM-DD. The service will use the freight rates in force on the date entered in this parameter.

Note: If you use the Freight API integrated with the Trip API or the Toll for Maps API, the distance parameter will not be necessary.

Optional parameters

  • roundTrip – To indicate whether the freight will be calculated one-way or round-trip. Allowed values:
    • true – The distance in km of the route will be multiplied by 2 to calculate the minimum freight;
    • false – Default value. The calculation will only be made on the outward journey;
  • backEmpty To indicate whether the vehicle will return empty or not. Allowed values:
    • true – Payment for the obligatory empty return will be calculated as 92% (ninety-two percent) of the value of the displacement cost coefficient (CCD) of the vehicle composition used multiplied by the return distance, as set out in the contract.
    • false – Default value. The calculation will be carried out as normal.
  • otherCosts – Array that allows you to include additional costs that will be added to the other costs of the route. They have the following parameters:
    • name – Text with the name of the cost.
    • type – Cost type to apply percentage or fixed cost to the minimum freight amount. Allowed values: [PERCENT, FIXED]
    • value Decimal number to be applied when calculating the cost.