Storing routes with Route Storage

Route Storage is a new feature that can be used in conjunction with the Trip API to store fixed route solutions for longer.

By default, routes are stored for 7 days. With Route Storage, this period can be extended to 5 years. This new feature has been developed especially for companies that work with fixed routes, due to risk management contracts with their insurers, for example.

Factors such as map updates, new roads or paving of existing roads can cause the route to change from time to time. But with Route Storage, the stored route will always remain the same, without any changes.

Main features

  • Storage of the route with a date specified by the client, with a limit of up to 5 years;
  • Guarantee that stored routes will not change;
  • Performance gains, because once the solution is cached, it won’t be necessary to resend the request, reducing response times.

To use the feature, simply enter the expiryIn parameter with the date in timestamp format of when the route should be stored.

After that, the route ID can be queried normally via the endpoint{tripid}

There’s no need to send the route again, just use the generated ID.

Changing and deleting stored routes

If you need to change the storage end date or delete a route, this is done via our support channels.

Just send us an email to [email protected], including the route ID to be edited and the clientID used to generate the route.

Example – Storing and querying routes with Route Storage

In this example we have a route between São Paulo and Campinas, where we have added the parameter expiryIn with the date 31/08/2025, in timestamp format.

    "calculationMode": "THE_FASTEST",
    "points": [
            "latitude": -23.580581,
            "longitude": -46.656743,
            "siteId": "SP"
            "latitude": -22.893165,
            "longitude": -47.064792,
            "siteId": "CAMPINAS"
    "expiryIn": 1756648905000,

The route ID will be returned in the response and can be consulted normally until 31/08/2025 on the endpoint{tripid}