Building requests for the CO2 API

Before you can start using the API, you will need to obtain the authentication token.

The following headers will be required, where the word token must be replaced by the token obtained in the authentication process:

--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer token'

In body all the parameters will be sent to obtain the total carbon emission of the route.

The CO2 API can be used in three different ways:

Independent endpoint

Suitable for users who use other routing services and only want to calculate CO2 emissions.

Trip API + CO2 API

The CO2 API can be used integrated with the Trip API, both synchronously and asynchronously. The information needed to calculate CO2 emissions will be added in the request to the Trip API:

Toll for Maps API + CO2 API

Recommended for users who use Google’s Directions API. The CO2 API can be used in conjunction with the Toll for Maps API, so that the calculation of CO2 emissions will be returned with the calculation of tolls.