List of parameters

Mandatory parameters

  • source – Indicates which calculation source will be used to obtain the emission quantity;
  • fuelType – Indicates which fuel will be used for the route in question.

Each source used for the calculation has its own list of available fuels. The possible values are:

source fuelTypeDescription
BR_GASOLINEFor exclusive use in Brazil, as the concentration of ethanol in the composition of gasoline differs compared to other countries, influencing the final calculation.
GASOLINE_5%_BIOETHANOLPetrol with 5% bioethanol in its composition
BIODIESEL_B100Biodiesel B100
DIESEL_5%_BIODIESELDiesel with 5% biodiesel (B5)
GASOLINE_10%_BIOETHANOLPetrol with 10% bioethanol in its composition
BIOETHANOL_85%Bioethanol 85%
GASOLINE_5%_BIOETHANOLPetrol with 5% bioethanol (E5)
GASOLINE_10%_BIOETHANOLPetrol with 10% bioethanol (E10)
DIESEL_10%_BIODIESELDiesel with 5% biodiesel (B10)
List of allowed values in the source e fuelType
  • autonomy – Number that defines the average fuel consumption per km of the vehicle on the route. If you don’t have the average consumption figures, you can use the values in the table below, taken from the Ministry of the Environment’s 2014 report (values in km/l):
Type of vehicle Average consumption
Petrol car11,3
Ethanol car 6,9
Petrol motorcycle37,2
Petrol light commercial vehicle9,9
Ethanol light commercial vehicle6,9
Diesel light commercial vehicle10,5
Diesel minibuses3,8
Diesel buses3,0
Diesel city bus2,1
Diesel semi-light truck9,1
Diesel light truck5,6
Medium diesel truck5,6
Semi-heavy-duty diesel truck3,4
Heavy-duty diesel truck3,4
Reference values for the range of each type of vehicle taken from the Ministry of the Environment’s 2014 report (values in km/l).
  • totalDistance – Parameter only required for integration via independent endpoint. Number indicating the total distance of the route (in meters).

Optional parameters

  • fuelPrice – Parameter where the fuel value (per liter) will be informed so that the total value consumed is returned in the general routing indicators;
  • fractionedEmission – Array of objects where each object represents a part of the fractional calculation. The sum of all percentages must equal 100%. Each object must contain the following parameters:
    • name – String to indicate the name of the proportion carried on the vehicle;
    • percentage – Whole number representing the percentage of the volume carried in the vehicle compartment.

Below is an example of the request to the independent endpoint with all the parameters:

   "source": "GHG_PROTOCOL",
   "fuelType": "DIESEL",
   "totalDistance": 95610,
   "autonomy": 5.6,
   "fuelPrice": 6.94,
        "percentage": 80
        "percentage": 20